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"Biggie Smalls"- 15.3H, 14 yr old Black Draft QH Cross

HANDY draft cross that’s SAFE for anyone!

Check this guy out at the 2022 Legend Buttes Horse Sale June 10th in Crawford, NE! If you’re unable to make it, you can bid online! We will be able to haul him anywhere on the route back to Weatherford, TX!


Biggie is a FUN, truly SAFE ranch horse that anyone can pull out fresh and go to work on!

Biggie Smalls aka “Biggie” is one of the most fun draft crosses we’ve had the chance to own. He has had the same family for the last 10 years. He was raised up and used as a ranch horse. He’s done everything from roping to driving on their ranch. The family decided to get into real estate and sell everything that eats. We feel exceptionally lucky to assist sweet Biggie with finding his next forever family.

Have you ever sat on one that just puts a GIANT smile on your face? For us, that’s Biggie. He’s a true seasoned soul that has seen everything imaginable. He’s full of personality and so kind and loving. He is one rein broke for anyone. He would be a super kids ranch horse or beginner’s horse. Biggie will babysit anyone but will also go to work for any cowboy. He will do any job asked of him at the speed you ask him to. He’s not a dead head but will gladly walk all day if you want him to. You can rope anything on him and he’ll work a rope. For the last few years he was the grand babies mount. Biggie is not spooky in the slightest and when we took him to the legendary Fort Worth Stockyards for his VERY first time ever, he was an absolute SAINT. It was almost like he was happy with all the people and commotion. He adored everyone that came to pet on him and not once was he spooked by a loud motor vehicle or ANYTHING at all.

Biggie loads and backs out perfect. He stands quiet, will enjoy being brushed all day, picks his feet up with ease and is just a gentle puppy dog to be around. Any level or rider or horseman will be able to handle him. He is the very easiest Draft cross we’ve had the pleasure to own. We think so highly of him, we have chosen to consign him to the Legend Buttes Horse Sale due to it being Blair’s hometown sale.

Biggie has slight graying on his face from the equipment he was drove in.

His age was confirmed by our professional equine dentist and he sells with freshly floated teeth, UTD on vaccines, and fresh front shoes.

Biggie sells with a fresh North Texas Horse Company freeze brand on his left hip.

Biggie Small’s new owner will be guaranteed to be thrilled with him, and we will HAPPILY take him back if he is not fitting the buyers.


Watch our Facebook page (North Texas Horse Company) for more videos and pics to be posted up until sale date!



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