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Smokin Joe Hall aka “Duke”- 15H, 2005’ AQHA bay gelding

We just got this handsome guy in on trade and he’s absolutely stunning! If he didn’t have papers you’d never know he was 17! We have him listed to move as we have soooo many in the barn and were not expecting to add a trade in.


Duke has been rode by a very begginer adult rider for the last year, before that he was a ranch horse up in Nebraska. He’s one hand fancy broke and moves well off leg. He’s been roped on in the past but not recently and I’m sure would tune up into a nice ranch horse or maybe even a head/heel horse prospect. He’s as friendly as they come and would love attention 24/7 if he could. He gets along with everyone and everything. He’s one that can sit all winter and ride off fresh, the previous owner did this often for the occasional trail ride. Duke is peppy and can feel intimidating but would be a fit for a confident green rider. The only reason the old owner traded him in was due to the fact he didn’t know how to ride past him being barn sour. With firm direction, his barn sour issue is easily diverted. He’s listed mindful of this flaw, however we believe it to be a minor issue. He is quick and catty enough to be taught the barrels and he does not move as if he were in his teens. Duke moves off like a 5 year old and has plenty of very usable life left in him.


Weatherford, TX

Affordable shipping available!!

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