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North Texas Horse Company currently located just north of Weatherford, Texas and is owned by Blair and Cole Lynch.

Here at North Texas Horse Co. we pride ourselves on selling quality horses and ponies while creating a buyer/seller relationship that is built to last a lifetime. 

We have dedicated our lives to the equine industry and have a mission to make an impact in the  It is too common these days to find untrustworthy sellers and we are here prove good, HONEST sellers are still out there. To us, it's not just another sale or dollar in the bank account that matters. It's seeing the smile on a child's face the first time they see the pony of their dreams. It's the happy tears in the parent's eyes when the pony they bought sight unseen from us arrives and truly is their dream pony for their child. It's seeing that timid child finally paired with a pony they can TRUST. It's seeing the happiness in the clients faces that traveled hours to try the horse that was EXACTLY as we described online. For us, its our word that makes us who we are. We strive to be as honest and transparent about all horses we sell. We understand that the new addition to the family is a big decision to make. We will do our best to help you make the very best decision for you and your family, even if that causes us to lose out on a sale.

​North Texas Horse Company was founded solely on the grounds of TRUST and genuinely HONEST horses 

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