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"Mason"- 16H, 12 yr old bay roan draft QH cross

STOUT, gentle draft cross that ANYONE can ride

Check this guy out at the 2022 Legend Buttes Horse Sale June 10th in Crawford, NE! If you’re unable to make it, you can bid online! We will be able to haul him anywhere on the route back to Weatherford, TX!

If you’re looking for a big stout horse for absolutely anyone to enjoy, you found him! Not only is Mason GORGEOUS, he is SAFE.

He was broke by the Amish down south and used to drive for the first half of his life. He’s since been an all around ranch/beginner babysitter horse. Due to a new baby, his previous family did not have the time to give him the life he deserved.

Mason is truly the REAL deal. He is easy to ride, COMFY and truly safe for any level of rider. He’s pushed cows, pastured roped, seen countless trails and takes new surroundings like a champ. We took him to the legendary Fort Worth Stockyards for the VERY first time in his life, and he didn’t bat an eye at a SINGLE thing. Mason was gentle around all things loud and crazy, from random bar hoppers waiting to grab a selfie, to the loud motorcycles and souped up cars showing off on a busy weekend night. He rides two handed but will definitely neck rein when using leg cues to assist. He is not a speed demon, but is not a lazy hippo either. He goes the very speed you ask of him and will stop when you tell him to without the need to yank or pull hard!

During the day Mason stays turned out on 40 acres and is a dream to catch. He loads and backs out like a champ and never paws or worries at the trailer. He’s great for the farrier, great to lead, calm to brush and pick hooves, and gentle in every way.

We really can’t say one negative thing about this amazing horse. He would make a great mount for anyone wanting a stout one to go all day, or to trust the kids on while you get work done on the ranch. Horses of Mason’s caliber have very recently brought six figures all over the country. We have chosen to cosign him to the Legend Buttes Horse Sale due to it being Blair’s hometown sale. He is truly that special to us.

Mason sells UTD on all his vaccinations, teeth floated by a professional equine dentist and freshly trimmed. He stays sound barefoot and has never needed a shoe in his life. He has an old scar on his left hind hoof. This has zero affect on the way he travels, or his hoof condition. He was deemed sound by the farrier and vet that looked at him. This is a cosmetic flaw only. Mason had poor dental care in the Amish and the equipment they used to drive him, damaged his front teeth and a few molars. We are unsure how the equipment could have been so abrasive but our dentist assured us this had to be the cause of the tooth damage. Having said that, he eats 100%+, as you can tell by his belly. He has never had an issue chewing or grazing. He has never cribbed a day in his life and his age was confirmed by our equine dentist.

Mason sells with a fresh North Texas Horse Company freeze brand on his left hip.

Mason’s new owner will be guaranteed to be thrilled with him, and we will HAPPILY take him back if he is not fitting the buyers.

Watch our Facebook page (North Texas Horse Company) for more videos and pics to be posted up until sale date!

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