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Smart Dixies Pepto aka "Rita"

Smart Dixies Pepto aka "Rita" is a 2016', 14.1H APHA red roan paint mare.

Color or brains? Talented or easy going? Broke or gentle? Kid safe or handy for an advanced rider? Performance prospect or trail horse? The best part about Rita is you don’t have to choose. Someone is about to get a REALLY nice horse! You get absolutely everything with this mare! She’s bred exceptionally well, she’s SAFE, gentle, YOUNG, talented, GORGEOUS, has a nice handle on her, and she has real potential to make a performance horse in any direction! Rita was started and rode by a little girl for the last few years! That little girl wanted to move forward with a bigger head horse and that’s the only reason we have her now! This mare has seen it all! She’s already been in parades, dabbled in playday events, roped the sled and pushed cows. Rita has tons of talent and would make an awesome breakaway/heel horse or a barrel horse prospect! She has speed when asked and is super quick and catty when needed! But if all you want to do is walk the trails on a loose rein, she’ll do it flawlessly. Rita neck reins with ease and rides like one should. She moves off leg, goes exactly where you point her at the exact speed you ask, and she stops on a dime. We absolutely love this mare, if we had more time to add another personal horse, she absolutely would not leave. Riding Rita brings you a sense of peace and joy that not every horse emits. This mare has your back in all situations and acts like another member of your friend group. Take her to town and she’ll say hi to everyone before you get the chance to. Rita absolutely loves attention and has one of the best attitudes we’ve seen from a mare. She gets along with everyone and everything, loads, leads, bathes, ties and stands great. There isn’t one thing we don’t like about Rita and that’s why we’ve thought really hard about adding her to our personal pen. Sadly for us, we just don’t have the time and Rita deserves to go be someone’s #1! She’s the perfect age, perfect color, has the perfect attitude, is broke enough for any situation and has the talent to go in any direction. APHA incentives are becoming increasingly popular and are being added to more and more barrel racing and roping events. With Rita, you’re not only getting a GENTLE, solid mount to keep you safe through any situation, you’re also investing in a prospect that can earn you things your typical AQHA horse with these bloodlines can’t. You’re investing in an amazing pleasure riding horse, talented prospect and very well bred future broodmare. Rita is one that will be hard to duplicate and near impossible to replace. Writing this, we can’t help but have a sense of sadness that we won’t be the ones to enjoy her and her potential, but it brings us peace knowing someone else will soon feel the love we have for this mare. You won’t find another like her easily, and one that checks all the boxes like Rita does just may not exist with all the added bonus perks of her bloodlines and color. Rita is sure to bring joy to the lucky one that ends up with her and to whoever that may be or if it’s you, just know you’re getting one heck of a horse, and quite possibly THE horse of your lifetime.

Please call Blair with North Texas Horse Company anytime with any questions on this mare! We absolutely love to talk about her!

Weatherford, TX

AFFORDABLE Shipping ANYWHERE easily available

Rita sells May 12th!


Weatherford, TX

Affordable shipping EASILY available anywhere!!

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